2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content’s Impact

January 10, 2014 – 1:13 pm

customer experience, 2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content's Impact

Want to be effective in B2B marketing? Wait, don’t answer that. Dumb question.

Want to know why you should measure the effectiveness of your B2B marketing?

“B2B marketers are doing so much and trying so much, but do they really know what is effective?” asked Michele Linn, director of content development for the Content Marketing Institute. “I think it’s key that marketers find what’s really working and what’s not. It’s better for their prospects as they are getting what they want, and it’s better for marketers as they can focus and then use that time NOT doing things to experiment with others.”

Today, we deliver the fourth piece in our “2014 Must-Do” series — measuring effectiveness in B2B marketing. Earlier this week, we talked about shutting up and listening in B2B marketing and how blogging is essential these days. Last week, we discussed getting back to basics in Web CMS and becoming agile in B2B marketing.

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2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content’s Impact

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