5 Barriers To Successful Digital Marketing

December 18, 2013 – 7:10 pm

digital marketing

Ron Person has done more than 800 short assessments and probably 30-plus in-depth assessments regarding digital marketing maturity. He’s compiled a list of 12 barriers to digital strategy success that came from interviews and audience polls. He’s gathered input from more than 100 chief marketing officers, directors and digital strategists.

The results?

“There are 12 barriers that kept appearing,” said Person, senior consultant for business optimization for Sitecore, a software development company geared toward digital marketers. “Of these, five were most frequent. The only one of the topmost barriers that was technical is ‘moving from a home-grown system to a new system.’ The most recurring themes I’ve heard revolve around people and process, basically change management.”

So let’s chat about those five barriers.

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5 Barriers To Successful Digital Marketing

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