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August 29, 2013 – 5:14 pm

It has been a month since Google Reader shut down, breaking users hearts and bringing an end to a nearly eight-year run of RSS dominance. As soon as word came of Readers impending doom, third parties like Digg, Feedly, and others sprung into action, eager to replace the old guard. At the time, they looked like a rescue team, gallantly swooping in to save us from regular old web browsing. But after a month, the squad of reader replacements has turned into a set of regular products trying to keep up with user demands. So how well have these replacements done in Google Reader’s absence?

It turns out it is hard to make an RSS reader. Feedly switched over to its own servers with just a few weeks to spare and Digg launched mere days before Readers lights-out. Newsblur had been running since 2009, but faced a flood of traffic after Google announced the reader shutdown, and founder Samuel Clay describes pulling 14-hour days for months just to keep the site loading in under 100 milliseconds.

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Paid RSS Tools Market

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