Weekly Wrap-Up: Why Email Will Never Die, Java Is No Longer Needed, What The New Kindle Means For Amazon

September 9, 2012 – 6:54 pm

Why email will never die, Java is no longer needed, and what the new Kindle means for Amazon. All of this and more in the ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrap-up.

After the jump you’ll find more of this week’s top news stories on some of the key topics that are shaping the Web – Location, App Stores and Real-Time Web – plus highlights from some of our six channels. Read on for more.

Email Will Never Die – The Man Who Invented It Reveals Why

Texting, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter Рwe have dozens of ways to pass a message from one user to the next, and yet we keep coming back to email. Why? According to the man who sent the first one, because there’s still nothing quite like it, Email Will Never Die РThe Man Who Invented It Reveals Why.

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