Best of 2008 (So Far) – Blogging for Business, Part 1

September 8, 2008 – 7:05 am

Which blogging platform is best for your needs? How can you get the most out of your RSS feed(s)? How can you more effectively convert blog readership into revenue? What SEO tactics are crucial to incorporate on your blog?

Learn all of this and more in the articles and posts highlighted below, some of this year’s best so far on business blogging.

A nip and a tuck: Five fast makeover tips for your blog by Smarter Than Your Average Blog

InfoWorld editor Uyen Phan offers five simple tips for making blog posts more appealing, such as using lists, bullets and multimedia.

Top 10 RSS Promotion Tips by SiteProNews

Andy MacDonald, CEO of Swift Media UK, provides 10 tips for maximizing exposure to your RSS feeds, including registering with RSS feed directories, linking to your feed, and using auto-discovery.

How to get your Blog Traffic to Convert in 5 Easy Steps by Search Engine People

Blogger Jennifer Osborne gives simple yet effective tips for converting blog traffic into leads or sales, such as including an “About Us” section and using the loop strategy when writing blog posts.

Finding A Home For Your Work: The Best Blogging Platform For You by Smarter Than Your Average Blog

Writer Steph Auteri presents the pros and cons of the leading blog platforms (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and Movable Type) as well as alternatives MySpace and LiveJournal.

Blogger’s to do checklist before hitting the publish button by Search Engine Marketing Consultant

“How many times have we hit publish on a blog and then realized we forgot to do something crucial, whether it is changing post slugs or a crucial spell check?” Online advertising guru-ess Jennifer Slegg asks then answers this question with a list of crucial pre-publishing items to check, such as correct spelling, links and tags.

101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers by Inside CRM

For independent bloggers, the editors of Inside CRM offer up an extensive categorized list of blog monetization links, ideas and programs, from merchandising, various types of advertising, and affiliate programs (all of which are respectable, if incorporated in a professional manner) to sponsored posts (a more questionable approach).

Blogging Tactics for 2008
by Ask Enquiro

Writing that “The Online Marketing Blog recently ran a poll asking readers which SEO tactic they plan on using most in 2008 and the winner with 25% of the vote was Blogging. This doesn’t surprise me because blogging is an excellent way to manage PR, offer technical support as well as interact with users,” Manoj Jasra provides six helpful tactics for improving SEO results for blog including interlinking of top posts and establishing relationships with other bloggers.

And finally, three excellent blogging for business posts just for WordPress users:

4 Tips For Your WordPress Strategy by Search Engine Guide

Another useful post from Manoj Jasra, this brief piece shows some of his favorite tips, tricks and plug-ins for use in setting up WordPress blogs.

Optimizing WordPress Page Titles, Post Titles and Page Slugs
by Graywolf’s SEO Blog

SEO guru Michael Gray provides step-by-step instructions for search-optimizing posts in WordPress.

10 Unusual & Original WordPress Themes by Mashable

Sean P. Aune showcases ten WordPress themes that go beyond standard 2- and 3-column formats with design elements like large banners, Flickr integration, 4-column layouts, Ajax, tag clouds and more.

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