Best of 2008 (So Far) – SEO Guidance, Part 1

July 28, 2008 – 6:48 am

22 Considerations for Improving Natural Search Performance by MediaPost Search Insider

Rob Garner provides a comprehensive checklist of key areas to examine and modify for organic search success. In addition to the obvious (e.g., title tags, copywriting and link development) Rob includes more esoteric areas such as canonicalization issues, removing session IDs and sourcing out on-page JavaScript and CSS to external files.

How to hire an SEO Rockstar by Search Engine People

Author Jennifer Osborne offers a useful checklist to use when determining what type of SEO talent you need and then evaluating candidates.

Link Building Campaigns That Work by Link Building Best Practices

Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing, a solid link-building strategy shouldn’t be “trendy” but rather balanced between different types of link sites including blogs, forums, directories, articles and reciprocal link partners.

4 questions every web site owner needs to answer by Search Engine Marketing Exposed

A fairly short yet very thoughtful post that is more strategic than tactical. Stepping back and answering some basic questions about why someone would visit your site and what exactly you’d like them to do there provides a helpful starting point for SEO efforts.

The Ultimate Guide to Directory Submissions by SiteProNews

While this article doesn’t quite live up to its headline, it’s nevertheless an educational quick read for anyone starting link building efforts as well as a helpful refresher for more experienced SEO practitioners.

SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes by Search Marketing Blog Online

Another excellent post with a somewhat misleading title, this piece from Jon Clark is packed with three dozen checklist items to make sure your SEO tactics are on track, divided into home page, site and external activities. Items range from basic (formatting of title tags, use of H2 tags, internal text links) to advanced (setting up a domain name redirect, “link funneling” using insidious nofollow tags). While going through this list will take considerably longer than 60 minutes, but it’s a worthwhile effort.

Deconstructing Search Engine Bias by MediaPost Search Insider

This post helps SEO pros understand, at a high level, the “biases” built into search engine algorithms in order to craft strategies and tactics to capitalize on them. These biases include factors like “spamminess,” authority, blog buzz and links.

Using Differentiators in Keyphrases: What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Needs to Know by PromotionWorld

A thoughtful piece from Scott Buresh on the value of adjectives for search; using modifiers in search phrases can simplify SEO efforts while delivering more highly qualified traffic. This works with descriptors (e.g. “B2B email marketing” vs. just “email marketing”), location (e.g. “search marketing services Minnesota”) and other attributes.


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Best of 2008 (So Far) – SEO Guidance, Part 1

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